Delta Force Land Warrior
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3D Accelerator
This is a great game to occupy your time, it won't blow you away in the visual department but it's great fun all the same.
November 17th, 2000
Delta Force Land Warrior (DFLW) is the lastest game in the Delta Force series by NovaLogic. For those not familiar with the series, it is a first person shooter in which you play as a Rambo-esque missionary with one main goal, to kick bad guy ass. You get tossed in the midst of unbeatable odds to complete mission objectives, which can range from destroying weapon caches to saving hostages. DFLW goes way out of the way to annoy gamers in every sense imaginable from extremely bad visuals, awful sounds, and completely horrible AI. But believe it or not the game is a blast to play through. There's something about picking off enemies one by one with your sniper rifle that fulfills every action fan's dream... to kill everything in sight!

Upon firing up the game you can select to start a single player campaign which consists of 30 missions. In DFLW you have to ability to choose one of the five available characters when creating your player, each specializing in a different skill. There's "Longbow" the sniper, "Pitbull" the gunner, "Gas Can" the grenadier, "Snakebite" the close quarters battle expert, and "Mako" the aquatic/medic. Each character has a short little bio describing their history as part of the Delta Force team, this is really non-essential information but it does help you get a little background info. on each character. After you have your character set you're ready to jump right into the missions. Before each mission you can either select the recommended weaponry or choose your own and boy does DFLW ever have a wide variety to choose from. I don't think I've seen any other game have such a vast selection of weapons. You can choose from a Silenced MP5, UMP, Calico, AT-4 Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Frag Grenades, Satchel Charges, and Sniper Rifles such as the M82A1 Barret, and PSG-1. This is just to list a few of the many weapons that you can take along with you during the mission. The selection is great and the ability to customize what you want to use does help to add a little more spice to the missions. Missions themselves are pretty much all the same, whether you are rescuing hostages or securing a base your basic strategy is to kill everything in sight. Most of the time you'll be up on a hill sniping everyone you can get your sights on. This isn't exactly a bad thing, killing people is what makes this game so fun to play. It would've been nice to have a bit more variety in the missions, however.

Once the mission loads up that's when the bad things come out at you full force. The first thing you'll notice are the incredibly bad visuals. Though very much enhanced over the last Delta Force games, it's impossible to compare DFLW to any other FPS that has come out in the past few years. Simply put, the game engine is very dated and it shows in every aspect from the awful player animations to the "fuzzy" looking landscapes. One good thing can be said about the engine is that it can display huge outdoor areas perfectly without ever a slowdown or flicker in performance. The same thing can't be said about many other game engines on the go today. So, where was I? Oh yeah, you've seen how bad the graphics are, now we creep up to an enemy and they start shooting, and shooting, and shooting. There's something wrong here, they seem to be firing at every direction but for some reason they have a very hard time hitting you, even at close range. And so we stumble upon the next problem, very bad AI and I can't stress enough just how bad the AI is. Usually they will stand in one spot giving you an easy target, sometimes they'll shoot, and sometimes they'll run for a few feet and stop dead in their tracks, waiting to be shot. I'm really not exaggerating here, they couldn't possibly be more stupid. Next at bat are the sounds, which turn out to be both good and bad. Weapon effects are excellent, gun fire couldn't possibly sound more realistic but the sounds of enemies dying is just plain awful and perhaps some of the worst sound effects I've ever heard. You have a range of screams and choking sounds that are horrible to say the least. There is also no in-game music which is also a let down as missions tend to get dull when there is no gun fire and everything is very quiet.

So far I've been really bashing this title but despite all the problems, it's fun to play and that's what counts. There's something about being surrounded by enemies with shots flying everywhere that really grabs your attention and always keeps you spinning around wondering which direction that last bullet came from. With so many weapons to choose from and so many enemies to pick off one by one from afar, it's hard to truly get sick of DFLW. Multiplayer is incredible as well. After you tire of the single player campaign you can take on real people and get away from the stupid AI that plagues the single player missions. From what I've seen of it, the multiplayer is very stable and isn't plagued by slow servers that help kill a lot of other multiplayer experiences. And afterall, most people will pick up this game with multiplayer in mind and I can assure you that it's great.

Fans of the Delta Force series most likely already have this game in their hands and are already enjoying it. For those people who don't have it, I can say that DFLW is a great game to pick up if you are interested in a title that will occupy you're time while you await the next big FPS release. While it suffers in more areas than one, it does have a lot of enjoyable moments that should please any fan of "kill all" action titles.

The good points: killing everything in sight is so much fun, lots of weapons, 30 single player missions, great multiplayer

The bad points: poor visuals, awful AI, some sounds are very bad, no music

Sound 5.0/10
Graphics 5.0/10
Controls 8.5/10
Fun Factor 10/10

Review by Mark Dillon
Video Gamer Guy