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Thursday, January 18th, 2001
Blade of Darkness Gold
This story on Spanish gaming site areA66, which you may like to read via the services of Babel Fish, reports that Blade of Darkness (known as Severance: Blade of Darkness in Europe but as Blade: The Edge of Darkness in Spain itself) has gone gold, and is expected in stores around February 26. This applies not only to the Spanish version published by Friendware, which will be accompanied by a Spanish-only collector's edition, but also to the European and US versions published by Codemasters (although Codemasters has not yet confirmed that independently).
Source: Bluesnews

Hostile Waters Preview
GameSpot UK have posted their preview of this upcoming action title from Rage Software. Check it out

Today's Screenshots
Hidden & Dangerous 2
Zero-G Marines

Tuesday, January 16th, 2001
XGR Interviews Designer of Heart of Winter
XGR.com has interviewed Josh Sawyer, Designer of Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter. Find out Josh's thoughts on the upcoming release from Interplay. Also included in the interview are some exclusive screenshots from the game.

ActionTrip Reviews Earth 2150 Expansion Pack
ActionTrip have posted a review of TopWare's expansion pack to theirexcellent 3D RTS, Earth 2150, entitled Escape From The Blue

Planet - The Moon Project. So, what did the reviewer think of the expansion? Read the full review >>HERE

Today's Screenshots
Tribes 2
Serious Sam
Blade of Darkness
Dark Ore
MDK2 (PS2 shots)

X-COM Enforcer Movie
Fansite Alliance X has posted a new movie trailer for X-COM Enforcer, the third-person shooter by MicroProse that, like its cousin Alliance, is set in the X-COM universe, but instead aims for a faster, less strategic kind of experience. The trailer offers 50 seconds of footage in the self-running Bink format that shows off the gameplay, menu interface, and other features of the game.
Source: Bluesnews

Heart of Winter Preview
Gamespot UK takes a look at Heart of Winter in their latest preview of this upcoming Icewind Dale add-on. Check it out

Myth III: The Wolf Age Preview
A brief preview of Myth III: The Wolf Age, Mumbo Jumbo's sequel to Bungie's series of strategy games, is up at Computer Games Online this morning. As work has just commenced on the game, there isn't much here, but it does contain some screen captures of their development tools and a couple of quotes from lead designer Scott Campbell. Update: Gathering of Developers has opened its official Myth III: The Wolf Age page, but it currently offers only some known information and images.
Source: Bluesnews

Gran Turismo 3 delayed!
More sad news for PS2 owners as this anticipated racing title faces delays. Full story

MSR coming this month
This long delayed Dreamcast racer is finally coming this month. This one looks very cool folks. Check out the full story

Final Fantasy X PS2 Shots
Gamers.com has posted some new high-resolution screenshots straight from Square's Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2! Along with the screens is some character art and details, but it is the screenshots that look wickedly cool. Check it out here.

Source: Stomped

Monday, January 15th, 2001
The Thing Announced
This story on EuroGamer gives word that Computer Artworks, makers of Evolva, are working on a game based on the movie The Thing, the 1982 horror movie starring Kurt Russell. The 3D horror adventure game is being developed for PC, Xbox and other console formats for release in 2002, and the press release on the newly opened teaser site has a few more details on the game, which is planned as a sequel to the events in the movie.
Source: Bluesnews

Icewind Dale: Heart of Darkness Preview
ActionTrip have posted a very detailed preview of Black Isle's expansion pack to Icewind Dale, titled Heart of Darkness. They have also posted a bunch of screenshots, as well as, wallpaper. Check it all out

Today's Screenshots
Serious Sam
Tribes 2 -- [preview with screenshots]
Black & White
MechCommander 2
Freedom Force
Tex Atomic's Big Bot Battles
Original War
Fallout Tactics
Red Faction

Stronghold Preview
PC Strategy Games have posted their preview of Stronghold, the upcoming RTS title from Firefly and Gathering of Developers. Check it out

10 Xbox Demos Playable for E3
Microsoft is intent on getting gamers hooked on their system before the launch this fall. They are going to have 10 playable Xbox games at the E3 show that will most likely get a few heads turning. Full story

Sega Smash Pack First Look
Gaming Age takes a first look at Sega Smash Pack for the Dreamcast. Check it out

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