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Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge
Oh no! Another Frogger title! Is this good or bad? Read on to find out.
October 22nd, 2000
To be honest I didn't know what to expect when I started up this latest Frogger title for the Dreamcast. The last Frogger game for the PC was a big disappointment, and Frogger 2 being a PC port made me even more weary. When I started into the game I was surprised to find that it was actually a good, solid title.

The story to the game is nothing you haven't already seen a thousand times in the past. Swampy plots to kidnap the baby frogs and it's up to Frogger to save them. It's a Frogger game so you really can't expect a better storyline than that.

The gameplay is simple and straight-forward. It's really easy to pick up this game and have the controls mastered in just a few short minutes. After that you're on your way to the fun and additive gaming that has always made Frogger such a hit. The object of each level is to rescue five baby frogs that are placed in various locations throughout each level. You have to do this while at the same time avoiding enemies, traps, obstacles and anything else that crosses your path. Collect all the coins on each level to unlock secret stages. These secret stages are classic Frogger levels, true to the original arcade title in every way. With more than 30 levels there's enough enjoyment here for any hardcore Frogger fan, or any fan of an addictive action title for that matter.

The graphics are well done considering the type of game we are working with. Nothing spectacular that'll show off what the Dreamcast can do mind you, but they get the job done well. Every environment is nicely done in 3D and there's never any slow downs or stutters in the overall performance. The movies at the beginning of each stage are very poorly done. Cheesy is the best way to describe them. They are short cartoons showing the story as you progress through the stages. In the end they are more comical than anything else.

The sound effects are decent, they could've been a lot better but they seem to get the job done. Music is the same way, not so bad that you want to turn it off but again could've been a lot better.

In the end this game has more than surprised me. I was expecting a bad game and I ended up liking this game quite a bit with it's fun, addictive gameplay. With plenty of levels, and a multiplayer mode it's hard to imagine Frogger 2 getting boring for a long time. Hardcore Frogger fans will welcome this game with open arms and be glad there's finally a Frogger game that lives up to the fun of the original. Even the casual gamer, fond of action titles, will find a lot to enjoy in this title.

The good points: simple controls, fun and addictive gameplay, 30+ levels of Frogger excitement

The bad points: graphics, music, and sounds only get the job done, nothing spectacular

Mark Dillon,
Video Gamer Guy