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I decided to add a sort of FAQ to answer questions that some of you may be asking yourself when you visit the page.
If I've missed something or you have a question not listed then feel free to hit the e-mail link above.
What is Video Gamer Guy?
This is an easy one. It's simply a game site I created to keep up to date with gaming news. It's an idea I've been juggling around for a few months now and I finally decided to sit down and put my idea to work.

How often will the site be updated?
Right now my intention is to update the Game News section of the site once or twice daily. Reviews are a different story as they take time to both write up and take screenshots. I have plans for quite a few though.

Is this another PC Game Site?

No. I'm going to try to broaden the range to cover all general gaming platforms such as Nintendo 64, Playstation, Dreamcast, etc. Of course, most reviews I do will be PC but I will occasionally review console games.

I want to write a review for the site... how do I go about doing it?
With all of the games out there, it's not possible for me to have or be able to review everything on the market, help would be great. Basically all that is required are decent writing skills (I'm not picky on this though) and a few screenshots of the game you're reviewing. Contact me by e-mail and we'll discuss posting your review.

What do I get for writing a review?
You get credit for your work... that's really all I can offer.

Can I download Demos directly from your site?
No, unfortunately. But I will try and link to the fastest ftp sites that I can find the demos on.

Can I trust your judgement on game reviews?
I hope so... I'll try and be as least biased as possible when I review a game.

There's an older news article I need to find, can I do a search?
At the moment I don't have any search engines set for the site. As time goes on though there will be a lot of older articles so I can see myself putting one on the site for that purpose. Of course if there's a big demand for it I'll add it a lot sooner.

That's all I can think of at the moment, I'll continue to add to the list. If anyone has a question not listed then please send an e-mail and I'll reply asap.
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