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News articles - October 2000
Tuesday, October 31st, 2000
Panzer General III Patch
The official Panzer General III site now has a v1.1 patch for the game. Download it
Age of Sail II, Devil Inside Movies
TalonSoft has new movies for both of these upcoming titles... check them out
Tomb Raider Next Generation Shots
Here are the two first screenshots of this upcoming Tomb Raider title. It's the first to use an all new game engine, could be interesting. Check out the shots
Sea Dogs Preview
GA-RPG has posted a preview of this upcoming RPG title Akella and Bethesda Softworks. Check it out
Project Eden Preview
Gamespot UK has posted a preview of this upcoming squard-based action game from Tomb Raider developers Core Design. Check it out
No Escape Trailer
3D Gamers has posted this movie trailer of the upcoming "Smash TV meets Quake" action game. Check it out
New Gran Turismo 3 Trailer
Waiting patiently for this upcoming PS2 title? The movie trailer

is >>HERE ... Drool on!!
LucasArts Announces X-Wing Trilogy
LucasArts has announced that they will be re-releasing the classic

X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance titles in a collector's pack later this year... full article is >>HERE
Nintendo/Sega Joint Venture Debunked
It seems that someone made an error in translating the Japanese document and the rumors of Nintendo and Sega joining forces are not true. Full article
Here is a screenshot comparison of No One Lives Forever with anti-aliasing enabled and disabled. Quite a difference, check it out
Monday, October 30th, 2000
Unreal: Return to Na Pali Patch
The version 226 patch can be downloaded Infogrames FTP server
Aquarius Movie
Check out the movie trailer of this upcoming 3D strategy title
American McGee Q&A
Here's a brief interview with American Mcgee, the lead designer of American Mcgee's Alice, the upcoming third person action/adventure title. I'm really looking forward to this game... check it out
Rune Patch Today
AVault is reporting that there will be a patch for Rune by the end of the day that'll fix a bug in level 34 of the game. I'll post a link as soon as I have one. The article is
Operation Flashpoint Preview
Check out this preview of this upcoming first person tacticla war sim from Bohemia Interactive.
Battle Isle: The Andosia War Preview
Here's a preview of an upcoming 3D strategy title from Blue Byte, check it out
Only a few new screenshots today, but worth mentioning...

Starfleet Command II
Magic & Mayhem
BattleCruiser Millennium
GameWeek Top 20 PC Game Sales
GameWeek has posted its Top 20 PC game sales list for the week of October 15th to 21st. The Sims is at number one, with Rainbow Six: Covert Ops at 16 and Delta Force 2 at 2.
Source: Stomped
Rune Map Bug
Avault is reporting on a Rune map bug that prevents players from progressing. They have a couple solutions to get past it until a patch is released later today. There is also word of net code enhancements soon and more deathmatch maps.
Source: Stomped
NOLF: The Movie
There are reports from Event Magazine that say No One Lives Forver, the upcoming first person shooter, could be heading to the big screen... wow and the game hasn't even come out yet. Read up on it
Rune v1.01 Patch
This patch fixes a lot of game issues that could prevent you from finishing the game without having to cheat... I recommend you download it immediately. Get the patch
Sunday, October 29th, 2000
More Screenshots today...

Tribes 2
Far Gate -- [preview with screenshots]
Evil Dead Interview
Here's an interview with Scott Krager of THQ on the upcoming Evil Dead game. Check it out
Deus Ex Multiplayer?
This Joystick article (in French, but you can get a poor translation at Babelfish) reports on playing Deus Ex multiplayer at the Ion Storm offices recently. The author mentions that there will only be deathmatch. It will reportedly be included in an upcoming patch.

Source: Stomped
Slow day for news, these were the only interesting
things I could find...
Saturday, October 28th, 2000
I'll start the day off with some screenshots...

Etherlords -- [different set]
Harbringer -- [7 more here]
Stupid Invaders
Zero-G Marines
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen
Tomb Raider: Chronicles -- [preview with screenshots]
No One Lives Forever
Evil Dead Mania
The official homepage now offers the intro to the game in four different formats. Check it out
X-Tension Patch
There's a new beta patch of this space combat expansion pack that will work with both English and German copies of the game.

Download it >>HERE
MechWarrior 4 Movies
There are 4 movies featuring in-game footage, grab them
Gangsters 2 Preview
Daily Radar has posted a preview of this upcoming title, read it
Final Fantasy XI Details
This game will be released for both PC and PS2, RPG fans should be excited, read it
Gaming Clichés
This is definitely a fun, offbeat, article dealing with some of the clichés you're bound to encounter in today's PC games... check it out
Deus Ex Guide
Check out this huge strategy guide
Playstation 2 Play
For those who didn't get their own PS2 yet, this article goes in-depth into providing specs, and the playing experience... check it out
Links 2001 in Stores
Microsoft has announced today that their latest golf title has started to appear on store shelves. Read the info
Friday, October 27th, 2000
New SWAT 3 Characters
There are 5 new characters available today at AVault,

download them >>HERE
The Unholy Movie
Here's a movie showing game footage from this upcoming first person RPG, watch it
Sacrifice Goes Gold
A lot of people are waiting for this 3D strategy game and I must say it looks impressive, watch for a review shortly after it's release... info on it going gold on the official website
Blair Witch 3 Interview
Here's an interview with Jon Galloway of Ritual Entertainment regarding the upcoming Blair Witch title. Read it
Rune Ships!
The long awaited action/adventure title has finally shipped to stores... full info
>>HERE and be sure to check back to the site for a full review next week.
As usual, some screenshots...

Dark Conspiracy -- [preview with screenshots]
No One Lives Forever
Evil Twin
Undying Preview
Here's a preview of Clive Barker's Undying, this one uses the Unreal engine and is sure to impress... check it out
Gunlok Preview
Check out the preview of this upcoming action/strategy game
Delta Force: Land Warrior Gold
According to the press release it has gone gold and should appear on store shelves as early as November 8. Read it
Escape from Monkey Island Gold
This one should hit the stores the week of November 6th, I really can't wait for it, this is one of the best darn series of all time! No link for this one...
Sega going multiplatform?
Has Sega finally made the decision to develop games for rival systems? Read the article
Microsoft Hacked
Well it's about time somebody did it... read the full article
PS2 Problems
Looks like some of the 3rd party DVD remotes may be recalled because they don't work... they did a bang up job rushing everything for the PS2 launch and it shows, the full article is
Thursday, October 26th, 2000
EverQuest: Scars of Velious Movie
Here's a movie trailer of this upcoming game add-on by UbiSoft. It's located on the first page of their website
Here are a bunch of new screenshots...

Tomb Raider: Chronicles
No One Lasts Forever
3rd World
Loose Cannon
MechWarrior 4
Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter -- [preview w/some new screenshots]
Anarchy Online
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
Call of Cthulhu Movie
ZSOCKS has posted the first of eight movies of this upcoming RPG title, check it out
Alice Q&A
Here's a short Q&A session with John Turner, one of the talented artists at Rogue. Read it
Here are a couple of new guides/walkthrough you may be interested in...

Planet Baldur's Gate's Icewind Dale Preview
GameSpot Age of Empires II The Conquerors Expansion Game Guide
GameFAQs Age of Empires II The Conquerors FAQ/Strategy Guide
Pool of Radiance Delayed
Here's a let down for big RPG fans... seems the game has faced delays... don't they all? Further info
PS2 Fights!
This is what people have been waiting for... PS2 brawls! You knew it was bound to happen with the limited amount of systems. Two stories so far, read them
>>HERE and >>HERE
No XBox Console Design For You!
Looks like anybody anxious to see what the X-Box will look like is going to be waiting a little longer... full info
PS2 Madness!
People are crazy... you must check this out!
27 PS2 Reviews on IGN!
For anyone getting a PS2 over the next few days this is a MUST see! Get all the gaming reviews
Wednesday, October 25th, 2000
Half-Life Released!
The new patch is officially out and here are a few places where you can
download it...

3D Action Gamer
New Oni Screenshots
Here are a few more screenshots from Oni, the upcoming third person action game by Bungie...
Rogue Spear Dreamcast Dev Diary
Here's part four of the developer diary for Rogue Spear on the Dreamcast. It explains what made it into the DC version of the game...

check it out >>HERE
Ten Worst Games of the Year
Sharky games has posted the ten worst games this year... I love these lists, they're always a great read. Check it out
Blair Witch Volume 2 Ships
That's right, it's shipped to stores... check out the info
New Max Payne Screenshots
Some new screenshots to drool over... if this game ever gets released it should be pretty cool... view them
Flesh & Blood in Development, First Screenshots
Here are details and screenshots from this upcoming 3D strategy game by JoWood. Check it out
Ready for Screenshots? Here I go...

Gunman Chronicles
No Name War
MechWarrior 4
Namco developing for GameCube and X-Box
The company famous for games like Soul Calibur will producing games for these next-gen consoles. I can't wait... read up on it
B-17 Flying Fortress 2 Delayed
There's nothing this gamer hates more than delays.. full details
October 24th, 2000
Netscape Communicator 4.76
Not necessarily game news but useful info nonethless. This new release fixes stability issues... d
ownload it >>HERE
Gunman Website And Screenshots
The official website is up for this cool looking FPS using the Half-Life engine, a must see! Check it out and also the posted screenshots
Tribes 2 Videos
Bad Karma has posted 6 new videos of Tribes 2... not much to say except download them immediately
Freedow: First Resistance Preview
Here's a preview of this upcoming FPS by Red Storm, it's looking good so far, check it out
UT 435 Release Notes
Gotta love Epic Megagames, they give us the best FPS ever IMO and continue to update and improve it... read the release notes for the latest beta patch v4.35
Battle Isle Screenshots
This is an exclusive over at GA-Strategy, check them out
Tomb Raider: Chronicles Movie
Check out this intro from the latest Tomb Raider
MechWarrior 4 Preview
Daily Radar has posted a preview of this cool looking game, check

it out >>HERE
Tony Hawk reaches a million
1 Million units of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 have been shipped... wil this be a good game? You bet, read up on the info
Red Alert 2 is out!
I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting to play this

one, more info. in the press release >>HERE
October 23rd, 2000
Pac-Man: Adventures in Time in Stores
I don't know if this is good or bad, I always fear remakes of classic arcade titles, Frogger 2 was cool though... read the news
Resident Evil 3 Demo Released
It's out just in time for Halloween, download it
Tribes 2 Equipment Pack Shots
Here are some exclusive Tribes 2 shots, check them out
Halo Update
Here's an update on how Halo is coming along... I, for one, cannot wait for this game to hit the shelves... read up
Quake 3: Team Arena Trivia Contest Extension
Think you know Quake 3? Well try out the trivia quiz for a chance to win hardware and various other prizes...
Top 20 Best Selling PC Games For Week Of Oct. 8
Check out this list to find out what kind of games people are loving to buy...
Elite Force FAQ
Version 1.0 of this new FAQ is posted up, check it out
Starfleet Command Volume II Screens
Here's a detailed list of new features being added to the game. as well as, some new screenshots...
Elite Force Tweak Guide
So you want Elite Force to run better, eh? Well hurry and check out this guide
Gunman Chronicles Interview
Here's an interview for the first game to use the Half-Life engine since, well... Half-Life, this game should rock! Check it out
SWAT 3: Elite Edition Walkthrough
Stuck in SWAT3? Read the walkthrough
Sacrifice Preview
Here's a preview of this upcoming strategy game from Shiny, this game is looking very cool.. read up
Starship Troopers Preview
Here's another great looking game, sort of reminded me of X-Com. Read up on it
Drool time... here are some new screenshots
Blair Witch 3
Project Eden
Iron Dignity
Final Fantasy IX on Microsoft’s Xbox?
If Microsoft keeps this up they'll pull any success of the PS2 right from under them, read up on it
PlayStation2 Launch Cripples the Industry
The launch is gonna be huge... take my advice and stay away from the stores Oct. 26th or you may be killed in the craze, Sony isn't the only ones getting hurt though, detailed info
Microsoft Snags Oddworld from Sony
Nobody can stand up against the money and power behinf Microsoft as they snag another title right from under the feet of Sony,

full article is up >>HERE
Pokémon Sales Blasts through Million Mark
Really? That's a big surprise, full details
Here's a quick laugh to end the days news
A sniper rifle for Halo, nice design...
October 21st, 2000
realMyst Demo Patch
If you downloaded the original demo you might be interested in this update. It fixes mouse issues, Direct3D and Glide compatibility and a few other things, grab it
On Rune Piracy...
Looks as though a pirated copy of this game has leaked out... read up on what the developers at Human Head Studios has to say about it
Tribes 2 Interview
This game is looking pretty neat, read through the preview, it should be out soon.
Tim Sweeney Interview
Here's an interesting interview on the future of the Unreal engine... check it out
Dark Age of Camelot Website Launched
Mythic Entertainment has launched the official site for this upcoming RPG title.
Battlecruiser Millenium Screenshots
24 posted, check them out >>HERE
Startopia Update & Screenshots
Here's an update on the progress of this upcoming strategy title by Mucky Foot, there are a few screenshows as well...
Delta Force: Land Warrior Screenshots
There are 2 screenshots posted, looks pretty cool so far, check

it out >>HERE
Neverwinter Nights Interview
This is an interview with Bioware about their upcoming RPG title... sure to be another hit title, read up on it
Preview of MDK2 Armageddon on the PS2
What caught my eye with this news article is that this is an entirely new game, not just another port of the PC version... read up on it
October 20th, 2000
Alice Movie
This game is looking very cool, grab the movie right away...
No One Lives Forever Gold
That's right, gold! Check out the Press Release
Emperor Preview
Games Domain have printed a preview of this upcoming title,

check it out >>HERE
The Mummy Screenshots
Six new high-res screenshots of this Tomb Raider style game...
Star Trek: Away Team
Here's an article regarding this upcoming tactical combat game set in the Trek universe...
Devil Inside Gone Gold according to... well... Gone Gold
It'll finally be out... this game looks very interesting and should hit the store shelves just in time for Halloween.
Last Ninja: The Return on the PS2?
That's right, the Commodore 64 title is gonna live again, bet it'll be a little improved in the graphic department :)
As usual here are some new screenshots...
MechWarrior 4
Giants Box
Anarchy Online
Kingdom Under Fire
Paradise Cracked
Dungeon Slaves
PS2 Games Already On Sale
Retailers are encouraging people to purchase games before they receive their system... it's crazy... read up on it
October 19th, 2000
Neverwinter Nights FAQ
BioWare has updated their official Neverwinter Nights, check it out
Some more screenshots to drool over...
No One Lives Forever
Blade of Darkness

Sudden Strike
Iron Dignity
Red Alert 2
Unreal 2 Shots Clarification
Here's some info regarding those Unreal 2 shots, seems as though they don't represent anything close to what the finished product will look like... read up on it
SWAT 3: Elite Edition Mission
Interested in the 5th and final free mission? Download it
PC vs. Dreamcast Q3A Official
Looks like you'll be able to kick your PC buddies ass in Q3A, it's been confirmed that the DC version can play against PC gamers,

read up on it >>HERE
The Mummy Shots
Check out some first screenshots of The Mummy for PC...
Project IGI Preview & Movie
Here's a preview and movie of the upcoming 3D shooter for the PC, check it out
Baldur's Gate II Fix
I'm sure this news will be valuable to some people.. there's a work around for a certain bug in the game, check it out
SegaNet reaches 100,000 members
Sounds like it's really growing, read up on it
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Goes Gold
The PC that is... I'm still waiting for the DC one myself but hey, the sooner the better for this soon to be classic.
New DOA2:Hardcore screens!
Here are some new screens of the PS2 version of this game, drool on! View them >>HERE
Q3A For Dreamcast Ships
It's out! Need I say more... go buy it or read up on the info
October 18th, 2000
Blade Interview
Members of the Blade of Darkness development team are interviewed
on GameSpot UK, talking about their upcoming third person action game... read the article
Hitman Preview
A new brief (but hands-on) preview of Hitman: Codename 47 is up at Gamers.com... I looking forward to this one, check it out
MechWarrior 4 Preview
Here's a preview of the upcoming Mech game. There is always a few new screenshots available. Check it
Want new screenshots? Sure you do... here's the latest
Unreal 2
Blitz-Disc Arena
Star Trek: Bridge Commander
4x4 Evolution
realMYST Goes Gold
You'll find the article
The Grouch demo on DemoNews
This is a strange looking demo where you're a Barbarian... you may want to check it out
Updated Info on Oni and Halo Surfaces
These games are highly anticipated but are still a long way

off... check out the info >>HERE
Matsushita Says DVD Never for Gamecube
This is sad news indeed... the Gamecube looks like an interesting console. Without DVD it'll be hard for it to hold it's ground up against monsters like the PS2 and upcoming X-Box. Read up on this

article >>HERE
Shenmue, NFL2K1 to be best holiday sellers?
According to a recent poll, Dreamcast titles seem to sell very well. Check it out >>HERE
Free Ground Control Expansion
What? Sierra giving out more free stuff... apparantly so, check
it out
October 17th, 2000
Zero-G Shots
Gamers Pulse has posted the first four screenshots to surface from Zero-G Marines, a first person action/strategy game from
Strategy First... check it out
Blair Witch 2 Gold
Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock, the Nocturne-engine title from Rune developers Human Head has gone gold.
Read the press release
Blade of Darkness Preview & Shots
This is an interesting looking title, check out the preview
Blitz - Disc Arena Update & Screenshots
Check out the info on this upcoming futuristic sports arena game. I dunno about you but it looks pretty damn cool! Info >>HERE
RUNE Screenshots
More screenshots... I don't think I need to bother saying anything here, I know you're already drooling. Check them out
October 16th, 2000
New SWAT 3: Elite Edition Mission
A new exclusive mission for SWAT 3: Elite Edition is now available for download at PC.IGN... Grab it >>HERE
Pool of Radiance Interview
A new interview with SSI's Jon Kromrey is up at Daily Radar...
Check it out
Lots of screenshots today...
Starfleet Command II
Mechwarrior 4
Scars of Velious
New movie of Hitman Codename 47
This game is looking very cool, check out the movie >>HERE
RUNE Movies
It's RUNE... nuff said.. check them out
First Details on Final Xbox Design
This is really disappointing -- there's nothing here that sounds at all groundbreaking... but if you're bored check it out >>HERE
Sega Bundles Dreamcast with DVD Player
Is this a lame attempt to steal some of Sony's thunder? You decide... check it out
Warcraft III Delayed to Late 2001
I'd be lying through my teeth if I said I didn't see this coming...
check it out
PS2 Games Invading Stores
And the system isn't even out yet... full details